Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Rex

This is sweet baby Rex. We had a great time getting these photos, despite the weather being much colder and windier than we had expected. The poor little guy had to be bundled up the whole time. He is baby number three for these two cute parents, and they are doing such a natural job adjusting!
  photo 1_zpsed7a49e4.jpg  photo 2_zpsc994f6ed.jpg  photo 3_zps2cc0f1e1.jpg  photo 4_zpsb23d691d.jpg  photo 5_zpsa7264c07.jpg  photo 6_zps8828a749.jpg  photo 7_zps0e3175b3.jpg  photo 9_zps7126d5dc.jpg  photo 8_zpsd4b16c44.jpg  photo 10_zpsc9178a93.jpg  photo 11_zpsd83841d3.jpg  photo 12_zpsa40da302.jpg  photo 13_zps2f9b14e6.jpg  photo 14_zps2d14aacc.jpg

Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Lila

I present to you the dreamiest dream baby, sweet Miss Lila.  She is pretty much the ideal baby.  She was one month old at the time of the shoot, and slept like a baby who is only a few days old.  And even though she was being constantly woken up and moved around, she barely made a peep.  She knew just what she needed to do to follow through with her model duties.  Congratulations Lauren and Tom!

  photo 1_zps41daf881.jpg  photo 2_zps73384de2.jpg  photo 3_zpsc3abc79f.jpg  photo 4_zps5d8a818b.jpg  photo 55_zpsb469eaba.jpg  photo 575_zps2d57985e.jpg  photo 6_zps16c54172.jpg  photo 7_zps1db651e9.jpg  photo 8_zps4628c6a7.jpg  photo 9_zps4b11db11.jpg  photo 10_zps1705d138.jpg  photo 11_zps6988fbd0.jpg  photo 12_zpsd1dbd8e2.jpg  photo 13_zpsb32401ac.jpg

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kosut Family

I did photos for this adorable family last weekend, and we really had a great time. My friend, Maria, in the shoot bought this session as a gift to her mother. It quickly turned into a photo shoot of baby Leah with her family... and how could it have not?! Look at that sweet baby! Notice grandpa comping on her little foot. I love that picture so much, and it took everything in me not to do the same!

  photo 1_zps610502a5.jpg  photo 2_zps04bf4a43.jpg  photo 3_zps02ce9839.jpg  photo 4_zpsca9cc97c.jpg  photo 5_zps12db4ad1.jpg  photo 6_zps7f583618.jpg  photo 7_zps5c806c2d.jpg  photo 8_zps6be21c72.jpg  photo 9_zpsb1442bec.jpg  photo 10_zpsb6cecb49.jpg  photo 11_zpsc2172df0.jpg  photo 12_zps5ea501ae.jpg  photo 13_zps2aa584b8.jpg  photo 14_zps5760df16.jpg  photo 15_zps112d0ef9.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014

Collins Family

Last Saturday I had a photo shoot, to start off a long stream of Saturday shoots. The weather was SO nice. It's hard to believe that it was so nice outside just a few days ago, when today the ground is covered in snow! I'm happy that we at least got a taste of Spring, and that I could take photos of this cute family. The boys are just so adorable and so sweet. Enjoy!  photo 1_zps3ea042cf.jpg  photo 2_zps204362db.jpg  photo 10_zps2dc55e25.jpg  photo 4_zps5435120d.jpg  photo 5_zpsc288a9c9.jpg  photo 6_zpsb5aa952d.jpg  photo 7_zps96f27951.jpg  photo 8_zps5e7d6566.jpg  photo 9_zps75aded76.jpg  photo 3_zps1089710e.jpg  photo 11_zpse6ddd104.jpg  photo 12_zpsf3b46a84.jpg  photo 13_zps68eaea6f.jpg  photo 14_zpsad9a0083.jpg  photo 15_zpse2e0c550.jpg  photo 16_zps6b9323ba.jpg