Monday, October 20, 2014

Mini Shoots

 photo 1_zps719eb9ae.jpg  photo 2_zps0a9835cd.jpg  photo 4_zpsbf79cd6c.jpg  photo 5_zps006ce161.jpg  photo 6_zps2864f354.jpg  photo 7_zpsa581b889.jpg  photo 8_zps278181be.jpg  photo 9_zps10464685.jpg  photo 10_zps05cd8e0e.jpg  photo 11_zpsb7aa7a93.jpg  photo 12_zps49b63ed1.jpg  photo 13_zps18606eda.jpg  photo 14_zpsa194ac91.jpg

Mini Shoots

 photo 15_zpsae073e0d.jpg  photo 16_zpsceb4e447.jpg  photo 17_zpscb09d54a.jpg  photo 18_zps56545df5.jpg  photo 19_zps56a21fd8.jpg  photo 20_zps3f8d0b22.jpg  photo 21_zpsbd5c7fd3.jpg  photo 22_zpsa462d083.jpg  photo 23_zps06edd600.jpg  photo 24_zps79129a1c.jpg  photo 25_zpsb34b68df.jpg  photo 26_zps7524560b.jpg  photo 28_zpsddbd7636.jpg  photo 27_zpsd47cced4.jpg  photo 29_zpscecab2b0.jpg

Mini Shoots

I am in full swing photography mode over here! Lots of mini shoots have been happening, and some of that goodness will be posted up here as soon as I can make it happen. I love fall photo sessions!
 photo 1_zps9b0bef30.jpg  photo 3_zpsb08d0109.jpg  photo 4_zps52d00d3d.jpg  photo 5_zps4860b93d.jpg  photo 6_zps1241191d.jpg  photo 7_zpscf712434.jpg  photo 2_zpsab480d6f.jpg  photo 8_zps99901ffa.jpg  photo 9_zpsa59b3414.jpg  photo 10_zpse207e254.jpg  photo 11_zps138851ee.jpg  photo 12_zps457d5ffb.jpg  photo 13_zps4b115435.jpg  photo 14_zpsdfb5b618.jpg

Friday, September 19, 2014

Joel is ONE!

My good friends baby boy just turned one! Just look at his cute squishy face.  It's just too much.  And you know what is just as cute?  His sweet and happy little personality.  He was loving all of the attention, and couldn't stop smiling!  This shoot was pure joy.

 photo 1_zps623fadf1.jpg  photo 2_zps0d566ef3.jpg  photo 3_zpse622f9e4.jpg  photo 4_zps4bf3e9b3.jpg  photo 5_zps974c8ccb.jpg  photo 6_zps4fc84ac3.jpg  photo 7_zpsb7eefe43.jpg  photo 8_zps01daf2d8.jpg  photo 9_zpsd60ef38d.jpg  photo 10_zps953dcb1c.jpg